Decorative Hinges

" H " Style Hinges

Butt hinges with a removable pin can easily be converted to a unique decorative hinge.

Profile the hinges with a file or grinder, the edges may be beaten with a ballpean hammer, any plating may be removed by dipping in a mild solution of muratic acid. Soaking over-night in gun bluing will turn them black.

Leather Hinges

Covering a strip of leather with metal plates makes a very distinctive hinge, the metal can be cut from copper, brass, or iron.

Wooden Hinges

Wooden hinges can be made from any hardwood, use a "Box Joint Jig" and cut the fingers about 1/4" deeper than the thickness of the wood.

After cutting the box joints clamp the two halves to a block of wood lining up the ends of the fingers with the outside face toward the block and round the corner.

Unclamp, flip parts, clamp, drill a hole for the pin and round the corner.


Colt "Peacemaker" 1875

Frame for Illustration Only

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