Circular Saw Cutting Guide Board

How To Make

Use this skillsaw cutting guide board to make straight cuts with a skillsaw, use an eight footer to rip sheets of plywood lengthwise and a four footer to cut across the sheet.

Using a straight board tack it to a strip of at least 1/2" thick plywood with a factory edge so that a 5" strip is cut off, then cut a second strip 10" wide in the same manner, this strip does not need a factory edge.

Cut a notch for the clamps in each end of the 5" wide strip. Fasten the 5" wide strip on top of the 10" wide strip with the factory edge in the center of the 10" strip with glue and wood screws.

Position the base of your saw against the edge of "A" and cut through the entire length of "B".

Cutting an insert at the end of the guide allows clearance for the saw to pass over the clamp.

Glue a strip of sandpaper across each end on the back to help prevent guide moving.

How To Use

To use the guide line the edge of the wide board "B" with marks on sheet to be ripped, fasten both ends of guide with clamps, run saw along on top of "B" and against "A" to make cut.

To Rip a Narrow Board

To use the guide to rip a narrow board select a second board the same thickness as board being ripped, fasten this board to bottom of guide with double sided carpet tape. Lay a strip of carpet tape on board to be ripped and align guide with rip marks and press down.

Use the guide on top of some sacrifical material and set saw just deep enough to cut through the board.


narrow board guide

Alternative Solutions From Rockler

52'' to 104'' Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System
For a limited time only, purchase this item and get a FREE Acrylic Base! ($14.99 Value!) and a FREE Power Tool Guide Kit! ($6.99 Value!) --- Ripping panels up to 104" long has never been easier! The 52" to 104" Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp does it all. Benefits: Clamps for use as a straight edge with a router or circular saw Add the T-fence and it becomes a T-square for laying out your project Connect two 52" sections to create a 104" long straight edge that's long enough for even oversized panels Use just one section as a 52" straight edge, T-square, or for easier storage Includes a write/erase surface for use as a story stick Power tool guide (one included with system) rides in the straight edge for total control when cutting or routing Additional power tool guides sold separately Acrylic base for use with saw or routers (sold separately)

52'' to 104'' Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System


Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide
If you like dimensioning large sheet goods with a handheld circular saw, you'll love the Kreg Rip-Cut Saw Guide. There's no need to juggle guide rails, a pencil or tape measure. In fact, there's no measuring or marking required—just slide the fence on the Rip-Cut to any setting from 1/8'' to 24'' and rip a clean, straight line right down the length of the sheet. The Rip-Cut attaches easily to virtually any circular saw, whether left- or right-handed. Adjusting the fence is easy, simply open the cam lever, and slide it to your setting, just like a table saw fence.

Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Kreg® Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide

Tel Pro Panel HandlerTel Pro Panel Handler
Give your back a break with this panel '' troll.'' Instead of carrying large sheet goods--such as drywall or paneling--simply load them on the panel handler and roll them to wherever needed. The handl..

Tel Pro Panel Handler


A sheet of MDF is 1" wider and longer than a sheet of plywood, to make a guide long enough to work for both make the guides from MDF. Make sure the notches at the ends are deep enough to work on the narrower width of the plywood sheet.

Build a Sheet Rack

Quick Grip Handi Clamps
Quick Grip Handi Clamps